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When you do business with Three Steps, Inc., you do business with a reputable company that puts your needs first! As a contracting company, our specialty lies in preparation and coating for commercial equipment. Working closely with local natural gas companies, the bulk of our work deals with tanks, gas lines and meters. With our three step process, we prepare surfaces with sandblasting, priming and a fresh coat of paint all in efforts to protect and repel aging and rust and other factors that will decrease longevity. Take a moment to explore our range of services below. For an estimate on services, give us a call today at (405) 331-0358.

Our Services

Gas lines
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Natural gas lines are typically made of steel, copper, brass. As one of our specialties, we work with gas lines to strip away old paint and rust and provide a fresh, new coat of paint.

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At Three Steps Inc., we also take care of coating and prepping tanks for factories and other commercial fronts. If you're interested in a quote, call us today at (405) 331-0358.

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Leave it to Three Steps Inc. to apply protective coatings and more to ensure your meters continue to run optimally! We work hard to keep things running smoothly for you.

Sandblasting services

Sandblasting is a revolutionary technique that pairs water and abrasive in a blast tank to eliminate dust, grime, paint and other materials from just about any surface. In our case, specifically from natural gas lines, tanks, and meters. Our skilled technicians will carefully inspect each item before we begin to ensure there are no cracks or obstructions for optimal safety.

With specialized techniques and equipment, we blast away rust, dirt, old paint, and other types of build-up to leave a smooth, even finish ready for prime and paint. In just a matter of a few hours, our team can come in and have your gas lines and tanks completely prepped.

Priming Services

As the second step to our process, we apply a specialized primer that prepares surfaces for paint. Priming is an important element to this process because it essentially provides a protective coating over gas lines, meters, tanks and other high-powered equipment that repels corrosion, rust, and weatherization. Priming also enables surfaces to absorb paint more fully. Much like when you apply primer to your walls before painting, primer goes a long way in preparing surfaces for the final step.

Painting Services

The final step to our three step process is paint. With colors and mediums of your choosing, we apply a fresh coat of paint to natural gas lines, meters, and tanks. This application of paint not only gives your equipment have a fresh, newer look you and your employees can appreciate, but it also produces a variety of other benefits. Namely, it helps promote longevity and optimal performance for high-powered equipment.

Tanks and meters endure a great deal of pressure, and over time, corrosion and rust are inevitable. But by having these surfaces periodically pepped and coated, you can extend the life of your equipment and ultimately, save time and money.

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