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At Three Steps Inc., we've developed the reputation of being one of Oklahoma's best contractors for surface preparation and coating. We work closely with natural gas companies and similar commercial fronts who require paint and preparation for high-powered equipment that ranges from gas lines to tanks and meters. Our three step process is simple and includes sandblasting, primer and paint. The result? Your equipment optimally protected and maintained. And while a fresh coat of paint not only gives your pipes' exterior a fresh, pristine appearance, most importantly, it creates a protective barrier that repels rust and weatherization. This is crucial for extending the longevity of natural gas lines, large tanks and other important equipment that will save your business money down the line. To learn more about our services, take a moment to explore our website or give us a call at (405) 331-0358.

Sandblasting. Primer. Paint.

Based out of Pauls Valley, OK, Three Steps Inc. is a contracting company that specializes in preparation and coating for commercial equipment. It's with the highest degree of professionalism, hard work and integrity that we perform every service. Since our opening in 2003, Three Steps has been developing strong business relationships with factories throughout Central Oklahoma for over 15 years. Our goal is to utilize our three step process to remove dirt, build-up, and early-onset rust and provide a coating that will ensure optimal, lasting results. With our help, your equipment will look better, last longer and save you money. 

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Sandblasting is a technique that cleans and prepares surfaces for paint. This high-powered process uses water, compressed air, and other mediums to blast away grime, dirt and creates a more even finish.


Once equipment and materials have been sandblasted, we utilize a concentrated priming technique. By applying a primer, this coating serves as a rotective barrier against corrosion and rust.


The final step to our process is paint. With protective, specialized mediums in colors of your choosing, we apply a beautiful paint finish that will complete your gas lines, meters or tanks.

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Since 2003, Three Steps Inc. has been servicing the painting and sandblasting needs for businesses through Central Oklahoma and beyond. It's with care and dedication that we do our best to deliver satisfactory results, every time!

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So why choose Three Steps Inc.? Simple. We're not strangers to hard work. And we're 100% committed to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them. Whatever request you have in mind, we'll do our best to accommodate it!


At Three Steps Inc., safety is always at the forefront of what we do. That's why we train our team with care and undertake certain safety measures and features to ensure all people, equipment and property remains secure.

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